$400 off All-Day Tattoo Session

If your here I think it’s safe to assume you’re in need of a big tattoo!

I’m offering you, (Internet person who found my lame advertisement), a $400 balance towards my All-Day Tattoo Session (10 Hours of tattooing).

I’ll cut to the chase and give you the pricing: Typically my all day tattoo sessions run for $1400 (I normally charge $140 an hour), but since this offer is in play you can book with me for a 10 hour tattoo session for a flat price of $1000 (this covers designing as well) *skip to bottom to book appointment*

I’m skilled in all styles of tattooing but I specialize in Neo-Traditional and Black and Gray Realism,

which brings me to my next point being that if your desired tattoo is in one of the previously stated styles it will cost even less🤯 ($900 instead of $1000)

Most people know that getting tattooed can be expensive as s***!

A large professionaly made piece with a great tattooist can cost on average between $1400-$2500 depending on the tattoo artist’s pricing.

A 10 hour tattoo session with someone inexperienced would cost $1200, since the average rookie hourly rate is $120 an hour on average as of 2023.

So My my point is this discount is more than fair for a tattoo done by someone with skill and experience. (Who will also get the piece done in one sitting)🤷‍♂️

I encourage you to look at my work in the “Tattoo Portfolio” tab in the drop down menu.

With that said, I made this ad to target people who don’t want to spend their life’s savings on getting a totally bombastic, huge tattoo. 🫵


I will work with you to create a design that’s completely hand drawn by yours truly.

The tattoo will be designed to get done in one sitting, if you wish, and be of a quality typically unattainable at this price point, until October 1st 2023 when this gift balance goes away. 💨

Additionally most All-Day tattoo sessions average 8 hours (typical business hours)

Mine is 10 hours so we can make sure your dream tattoo is done in one session! 

That’s pretty much all the info I wanted to give you✅

I worked hard on making this fancy website so if you did decide to book me for your next piece of art and fill out my “Tattoo Request Form” that would be pretty neat!🙏

Click “Book Appointment” in the drop down menu and let’s create a tattoo that you’ll cherish forever 💥



Anthony V.